Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just Beginning

Grandpa Joseph and Grandma Julia Wild Lachmayer in front of the house they built circa 1915

This is Grandpa and Grandma McGivern taken before the Senior Ball 1950

I think a lot about the past, and how fortunate I was to have such a happy childhood. I had parents who loved me, my brothers and sister, and each other. The depression was a hardship, a challenge, but it didn't dominate our lives. Hope did. "When our ship comes in" was a frequent statement at our house. We didn't wait at the dock, we enjoyed each day as it came.
We had three grandparents, who were very precious in our lives. Our paternal grandfather had died before our parents were wed, so we only had pictures of him. We had numerous Aunts and Uncles, all contributed a measure of love to our environment. Our father was one of five, our mother one of nine.
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