Thursday, June 13, 2013


We have been experience a lot of rain and fog around here.  Everything is sagging and soggy.  Dad has been putting things out for sale on a table in front of the deck when the weather permits, but it hasn't been very permitting lately.
I have been working on E-Bay listing some gun catalogs I found in the shop, and Dad has been digging up little paper items around the house.  He found this little linen book in a stack.  It is from 1904 so I listed it.  It is #330938683252 if you want to bid on it.
Anyway, to the magic...I awakened the other night about 3 in the morning for a bathroom break.  It was very dark, but for the grey light coming in the bathroom window.  Our house is a story and a half, so the windows in the front and back are almost on the floor.  I saw a flash of light.  Wondering if someone was wandering around the shop with a flashlight, I debated taking a closer look.  Deciding that I would be very remiss not to check this out, I got to my knees to look out the window.  Now and then a car passed, but that light was from a different direction and reflected differently from the shop windows.  The backyard was encompassed with a grey light.  The mist and fog swirled around the clothesline pole, the maple tree stump, the Douglas fir, the shop.  Eerie wasn't the word for it.  Then I saw the light, a flash on the other side of the trailer (our shop is a 10x50 trailer).  As I watched, the fog and the mist were peppered with thousands of magic lights that winked and twinkled all over the backyard.  It was magic!  Then, it came to my dim, sleepy, old brain.  Fireflies!  It had been years since I chased them with my brother and my friends the Smith girls, all over their yard, sometimes putting them in jars to make lanterns.  How exciting to see them again and be reminded of the wonderful days of a much simpler childhood then is available today.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Putting new entries on the website.

As you folks know.  I love books.  I love children's books especially.  One can learn a lot about life, about history, about science, about a lot of things reading children's books.  Stories told in a simple manner can explain complex ideas.
This little book is about animals with human characteristics.  Some are heroic, and some are not so nice.  Like all good stories, the wicked are punished and the good rewarded.  At least that is how it used to be.  You can find this little book on the Children's Books page on

I never had time for books that didn't have a happy ending, where good didn't triumph over evil.  Today things seem to be all upside down.

I am also starting a new page on the website.  Minerals.  We collected rocks and minerals for many years.  We traveled around the east coast collecting, and spent a lot of time in Canada.  We had some outrageous adventures, and many good times with the fine people who collect minerals.